OEM Handset

The ‘Tuff Handset’ is available as an OEM product to help enhance the durability of other devices that have either suffered loss due to vandalism or to improve the visual effect and touch and feel of a product.

The patented ‘Tuff Handset’ is moulded in polyurethane and designed to withstand arduous use in all environments. The handset can be fitted with an armoured cord, in place of the robust curly cord, if required to provide additional resistance to vandalism.

The ‘Tuff Handset’ is available with a number of different options including magnets to operate reed relays, one or two PTT (Push to Talk) switches and a variety of different transducer combinations.

Key features

– Tough material and construction – Patented design
– Available with single or dual PTT (Push to talk) – Highly resistant to misuse
– Industry proven – Number of cable length options
– Various transducer (Mic & Speaker) options – Suited to many user applications
– Reed relay option to detect on/off hook – Tough polyurethane handset
– Excellent aesthetic and ergonomic design – Robust and vandal resistant
– Customer specific connectivity

Primarily supplied as an OEM product to train maintenance companies as a replacement solution for their current Passenger Information System (PIS) handset that may be susceptible to damage or obsolescence.

The DAC TUFF Handset as also been supplied directly to end users including, London Underground (TfL), [Central Line, London Victoria Line] Stagecoach/SW Railway, Abellio Greater Anglia and many others both in the UK and abroad.

Many customers come to DAC Limited when they have exhausted efforts to find a suitable fit-for-purpose replacement for their legacy equipment that is no longer manufactured or supported.

DAC are often tasked with providing custom designs that can not only integrate with vital crew to crew and crew to passenger public address systems but also assimilate within their existing train or cab environment. 

Technical Specification

Operating: -30° C to +60°C
Storing: -40° C to +70°C
Robust polyurethane
Tested to EN50121-3-2:2006