GSM-R TUFF Handset

The most reliable Train Cab Handset on the market…

GSM-R TUFF Handset

DAC’s TUFF Handset – moulded in a robust fire-resistant polyurethane material, providing excellent durability and resistance to wear, even in the most arduous environments.

Customisable connectivity for any train cab application. DAC’s TUFF Handset is compatible with any class of vehicle.
Handset failure’s lead to train delays, or at worst, trains out of service – all of which incurs significant costs to train operators & manufacturers.
A safety critical train component. Handset reliability is paramount.

DAC’s TUFF Handset for GSM-R Train Radio…

GSM-R TUFF Handset for South Western Railway (SWR)

  • SWR GSM-R Handset Background – The incumbent GSM-R Handset suffered reliability issues due to frequent and heavy use.
    Those reliability issues amplified following the enhanced cleaning regimes that were implemented for driver COVID protection. Replacement handsets were often 16 weeks manufacturing lead time and handset repairs were similarly difficult to arrange.
  • SWR Testimonial – ‘DAC’s GSM-R TUFF Handset was chosen based upon its enhanced reliability & durability over alternative cab handsets. The TUFF Handset had proven itself over several years in use on the Class 158 & 159 Passenger Information System. Furthermore, DAC’s TUFF Handset manufacturing lead time is significantly less than our incumbent supplier. DAC were able to provide all of the requested technical support SWR required for my engineering change approval’. Phil Gray, Engineering Manager

Handset Integration & Engineering Approval

Handset Integration & Engineering Approval GSM-R TUFF Handset Integration & Engineering Approval

DAC recognise the importance of thorough and accurate technical data when gaining engineering approvals for train upgrades. Therefore, to aid Fleet Engineers with product approvals, DAC have compiled a comprehensive TUFF Handset GSM-R technical pack, detailing the required standards and specifications.

✓ Power Consumption
✓ Fire Resistance to EN45545
✓ Audibility Test – STIPA Test Report
✓ Electro Magnetic Test (EMC) Certificate
✓ Network Rail Acceptance

If you would like to receive the full TUFF Handset GSM-R technical pack, please email us [email protected]

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