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DAC offers a versatile range of ruggedesided telephones, handsets, accessories and telecoms engineering services. Weather & vandal proof design makes them suitable for the most demanding environments. In critical environments, efficient and reliable communications are paramount – it’s why DAC’s products are rigorously tested with ongoing research & development that ensures all of our products are dependable.

RA708 Ruggedised Telephone

DAC’s established RA708 telephone can be found in applications; Rail, Highways, Military, Oil & Gas, Leisure, Caravan Parks and more

RA711 Ruggedised Handsfree Telephone

The RA711 handsfree system is perfect for vandal prevention. Used in a wide array of applications including Police, Prisons, Highways, Rail and Public Services

TUFF Handset

Moulded in a polyurethane material, providing excellent durability and resistance to wear. For Train PIS & GSM-R, available as an OEM handset for any application.


Ranging from telephone mounting to solar panels, label holders and much more!

Engineering & Repair Services

Experts in telecoms engineering, DAC provide a range of mechanical, electronics and software engineering services

Network Rail Approved

DAC boast Network Rail approvals across our product range, for the safest railway network in the world.

The UK’s Telecoms Network is Changing – PSTN Switch Off 2025

The UK telecoms network is undergoing a significant change. It served us well for many decades but in 2025 analogue BT lines are being switched off – meaning old telephone hardware needs upgrading to GSM, VOIP and alternative network interfaces.. Are you ready for the switch off?

Are your ready for the Digital Switch?

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A Global Network

DAC telephones are available worldwide, with installations across Europe, America, Asia & Oceania.


Network Interfaces

GSM / GSM-R: Providing a reliable and effective communications terminal when there is limited or no infrastructure can often be costly and time consuming. DAC’s GSM range of handsfree and handset telephones, perfectly address this issue.

Analogue: Simple yet beautifully reliable – DAC’s RA708 handset & RA711 handsfree is available in PSTN analogue form in both Central Battery (CB) ‘hot-dial’ and Full Keypad (FK) variations.

VoIP telephone: SIP compliant and powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet) or external power supply. Available as Central Battery (CB), or Full Keypad (FK). With onboard IO drivers for controlling door latches and other devices (supporting up to 12V/24V and 2A or a 5V Relay).

For use in very remote environments where GSM and VoIP are unavailable, DAC have extended the RA708 rage offering integration to a satellite modems. Opening the door to providing a point of communication almost anywhere in the world. DAC’s satellite products are bespoke engineered solutions – please contact us to find out more.

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