Telecoms for a Diverse Array of Industrial Applications


Telecoms for a Diverse Array of Industrial Applications


Telecoms for a Diverse Array of Industrial Applications


You can find DAC’s telephones and handsets across a wide range of industrial applications including Rail, Highways, Defence, Public Services and Marine.

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Telecoms for safety critical applications – DAC’s RA708 telephone has been adopted throughout the UK’s rail network. Improving safety and minimising operational costs at Level Crossings, User Worked Crossings and Signalling systems.

In addition to trackside telecoms, DAC provides equipment for the railways on-board Rolling Stock. Our TUFF Handset is the Handset of choice for a growing number of train manufactures & train operating companies for Passenger Announcement, Passenger Information Systems and GSM-R Radio.

Contributing to the safe and on time arrivals of trains across the world.


Robust telecoms for harsh environments.

DAC telecoms products address the need for rugged and reliable communication terminals at Army bases, aboard Navy Vessels and are adopted by Defence organisations across the globe.


Roadside telephones play an important role in keeping our motorways and main roads safe. They provide members of the public with a reliable point of communication in an emergency roadside situation.


Public Services

Maintaining a reliable communications terminal for emergency services and the general public is essential when every second counts.

DAC provide telecoms products for the Police Services, Local Councils, Fire Services, Hospitals, Car Parks, Caravan Parks, Coastal Agencies, Tourist Information and more.


Our oceans connect a globalised economy providing fundamental flows of goods & services throughout the world. With a growing number of ships in operation, coordination at sea has become increasingly complex. Reliable communication is the key to ensuring safe and efficient navigation at sea.

Telephones for use in ports, aboard vessels and Handsets for use in crew communications systems.

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