RA711 Handsfree Ruggedised Telephone

DAC’s established RA711 telephone can be found in a diverse array of industrial applications

Police Station, Public Services, HMP, Judicial Courts, Rail, Platforms, Airports, Car Parks, Leisure, Caravan/Glamping/Sports Clubs/Rural, Hospitals, Construction, Externally for Buildings, Offices, Gate Operation

  • Version: Full Keypad
  • Version: 1, 2 or 3 Button Autodial
  • Version: CB Single Button

The RA711 has been designed to meet the needs of clients who experience loss through vandalism. 

The RA711 vandal & weather proof telephones are based on a stainless steel faceplate and provide clear handsfree, loud-speaking operation. Manufactured to a high standard, these telephones offer increased resistance to vandalism, and ensure that the primary function of communications is always maintained.

The RA711 telephone is simple to install and offers a convenient solution to a range of telephone siting problems in all locations. The RA711 is available with various keypad configurations; including full keypad, single, two and three button auto-dial options.

The RA711 phone on the wall of a tourist information centre

Network Interfaces

DAC Telephones operate across a variety of network mediums, including GSM, GSM-R (for railways), VOIP, Analogue & Satellite.

Network Interface Features
VOIP POE, SIP, Echo / Noise Cancelling, WEB interface, Self Testing, DHCP enabled, Calling Groups
GSM Full / Half Duplex, Remote Configuration, SMS Reporting
Analogue Full / Half Duplex, Line Powered (no additional power supply required)

GSM: Providing a reliable and effective communications terminal when there is limited or no infrastructure can often be costly and time consuming. The GSM range of hands free and handset telephones, as manufactured by DAC Limited, address this issue perfectly.

Additionally these GSM Telephones are fully programmable, remotely via SMS, and will report on critical failures such as low power. Designed to be shipped complete to site ready to operate, with the only requirement being the insertion of an appropriate network SIM card. Perfect for many applications where an economical and reliable solution is required.

Analogue: Simple yet beautifully reliable – DAC’s RA708 handset & RA711 handsfree is available in PSTN analogue form in both Central Battery (CB) ‘hot-dial’ and Full Keypad (FK) variations.

VoIP telephone:

SIP compliant and operates in full-duplex mode. Powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet) or external power supply. Available as Single or Two Button version. It also has an onboard driver for controlling door latches and other devices (supporting up to 12V/24V and 2A or a 5V Relay).

The RA711 VoIP telephone is easy to program (using web based interface) and has a nonvolatile memory to ensure stored settings and numbers are not lost when power is disconnected.

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