Ruggedised Telephone

Reliability, Durability. Weather & Vandal Resistant.

DAC’s RA708 Telephone

Highly corrosion resistant & weatherproof cast aluminium case, providing excellent resistance to wear, even in the most arduous environments.

Utilising DAC’s unique TUFF Handset, the RA708 telephone is the most robust ruggedised telephone in railway trackside applications.

Telephone failure’s lead to train delays, incurring significant cost to Network Rail & Train Operating Companies (TOC’s). It is estimated there are 8 million train delay minutes annually, many of which are related to faulty trackside equipment. Telephone reliability is Paramount.

A safety critical railway infrastructure component.

DAC’s RA708 Telephone Engineering & Development

The RA708 Ruggedised Telephone has been established for over 30 years and still today, DAC are continually evolving their products quality and capabilities.

  • ✓  Weather & Vandal Resistant
  • ✓  30 Years of Product Development
  • ✓  GSM & GSMR
  • ✓  VOIP & Analogue
  • ✓  Renewable Power Sources
  • ✓  Audibility Test
  • ✓  Network Rail & High Speed Approved

Network Rail – Independently Verified History of Proven Reliability

The following overviews of two separate Network Rail investigations and tests conducted independently, verify the suitability and reliability of DAC’s RA708 crossing and trackside telephone.

Investigation a) Network Rail Ruggedised Telephone Reliability

2 X trial runs at 30 of the worst performing crossings where telephones were installed. Trial 1 with competitor Telephone. Trial 2 with DAC RA708 Telephone.

The results concluded that DAC’s RA708 Telephone was 300% more reliable than the competitor telephone, across the 12-month test period.

Investigation b) Network Rail Ruggedised Telephone Performance

Network Rail conducted tests to determine why the DAC RA708 telephone performed better over longer distances than other lineside telephones in use.

Investigation Findings:

• DAC RA708 telephone = Sound quality held to 12km • Competitor telephone = Sound quality loss at 6km

DAC’s RA708 telephone outperformed the competitor telephone by 100%

(Network Rail – Annual Report 2014 pp.146 – 147)
“Crossing telephone failures account for 15 per cent of the delay incidents […] The preferred telephone model (DAC 708)
was selected following trials and has now been adopted as the phone of choice for installing and using at level crossings. This new phone has proved to be more reliable and will be used for future projects and renewals.”

Label Holder
Network Rail Approved – PADS Number 087/100821

The DAC Label Holder provides external (to telephone) protection for location labels mounted on UWC telephones in order to provide the user with the necessary information when contacting the signalman.

Suitable for all UWC telephones, simple installation, extremely robust.

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