Bangkok Suvernabhumi Airport Toll Road

DAC RA711 in Thailand
DAC RA711 GSM integration into Global Instech manufactured housing

Global Instech, DAC’s Thailand based distributor requested DAC’s assistance with a bid for the replacement of emergency telephones on the 30 km stretch of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Toll Road. The existing analogue telephones had been in service for twenty years and where now experiencing a variety of problems including intermittent connectivity requiring frequent hands on and costly maintenance.

The Expressway Authority of Thailand was also considering another manufacturer from China and requested a trial of both sets of telephones. The trial was conducted over a two month period exposing a number of issues with the Chinese telephone becoming non-functional due to the extreme heat and rain. DAC telephones functioned well during the trial without issue and were chosen for the project.

The Expressway Authority of Thailand wanted to change from existing cable reliant analogue telephones to a standalone GSM replacement, solar powered with high gain antennas used to ensure connectivity at all times. This cost efficient solution brings remote monitoring capabilities further reducing maintenance costs. Once the trial was concluded a license was acquired for the DAC GSM telephone in order to comply with National broadcast and telecommunication standards of Thailand. Global Instech designed and manufactured the housing for integration with the DAC telephone.

DAC RA711 GSM telephone will be used on this 30 km section of expressway. Positive feedback was received from The Expressway Authority of Thailand, they shall be approaching Global Instech and DAC for future projects on their seven expressways and four expressways links, a total distance of 207.9 kilometres (129.5 mi).