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DAC moving premises to Union Mill Sabded

DAC has run of the mill

DAC Limited are breathing new life into an 18th Century Lancashire Mill.
We will be moving week beginning 15th May 2017 and intend to be fully operational by Friday 19th May with no interruption to our usual impeccable service!

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Central Success!

Following an upgrade to the Victoria Line rolling stock DAC have secured further orders from TFL-London Underground, this time for the Central Line service.

Classified as the most intensively used railway line in the United Kingdom the 46 mile (74km) Central Line is used by over 260 million passengers per year. Once again DAC Limited are securing repeat orders from customers who recognise, and value, reliability and product quality, two fundamental components of DAC`s continued success.

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Celebrate with Aluminium!

It is purely coincidental that aluminium is associated with a tenth anniversary, a material of choice when manufacturing high pressure die-cast aluminium vandal and weather resistant telephones.
DAC Limited celebrate 10 years this year and can be proud of their achievements.
Since incorporation in 2006 DAC have managed to defeat the odds and maintain year on year growth, and are confident to forecast a further 20% for 2016/17. A prediction that is testament to the hard work and sacrifice that all at DAC Limited have given and continue to give. Well done DAC!

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DAC first choice for reliability

DAC can certainly be proud of their achievements particularly when it comes to the performance and reliability of their RA708 Telephone. Chosen by Network Rail as ‘the preferred telephone model – and the phone of choice,’ selected following trials and proven ‘more reliable.’

Continued investment in technology, adaptation to market requirements and listening to customer needs are key elements to success. DAC continue to establish themselves as the premier telephone supplier to the UK rail network.

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DAC on the Wherry Lines

The rural branch Wherry Lines on the Norfolk Broads have played an important roll in the transport of goods and people around the area since opening in 1844.

Today the trains operating on the lines are designated as community rail services providing an essential link for local communities.

DAC Limited have supplied GSM-R Level Crossing Telephones for installation on the route at three key crossings and are bidding for further installations following successful implementation. The rural nature of this route demonstrates perfectly the advantages of the Network Rail approved DAC GSM / GSM-R Telephone and the fact installation is easy, even in the remotest of locations!

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Visit DAC at Railtex 2015

DAC will be demonstrating their Network Rail approved trackside GSM / GSM-R telephone as well as exhibiting their wide range of weatherproof and vandal resistant telephones.

DAC would like to welcome you to visit them at their stand number F30 where you will be able to take a look at the newest developments. This is your chance to discuss, learn and experience the latest products that DAC have to offer.

Railtex 2015 will take place from 12 to 14 May at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham.
Pre-registration for this event is free and you can register now at www.railtex.co.uk

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Tough Handsets for London Underground

High praise indeed

Following a recent survey asking our customers where we can improve our service, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and therefore DAC are pleased to report that a 100% excellent score was achieved for the satisfaction of the work done for the 2nd year running.

Strengths highlighted by our customers included rapid responses to enquiries, fast delivery timescales and the fantastic correspondence and assistance received from our members of staff.

DAC would like to thank our customers for taking the time to respond to our survey, it is a vital part of our continuous improvement program to ensure we meet and indeed exceed our customer’s expectations.

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Tough Handsets for London Underground

Going Underground

The demand for DAC’s TUFF HANDSET continues to increase and the latest end user, Transport for London, will replace their current installed base of Passenger Information System Handsets on London undergrounds’ Victoria Line.

Following an extensive consultation process of more than two years DAC have finally been given the order to deliver new handsets for a complete fleet upgrade.

The London Victoria Line is used by approximately 200 million passengers per year and DAC are proud to be associated with such an icon of rail transport

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GSM-R telephones manufactured by DAC Limited. Wrapped and ready for shipment.

Wrapped and Ready!

DAC Limited is proud to announce their first delivery to Network Rail of the new fully approved GSM-R User Work Crossing Telephones. These are to be deployed in East Anglia at level crossings where there is no existing infrastructure to enable the provision of a reliable communications terminal.

The telephones will be used by members of the public to contact the signalman in order to obtain permission to safely cross the railway line. Increasing the safety at level crossings is a priority for Network Rail and providing a telephone, where previously it would have cost many thousands of pounds to have a line installed, is an invaluable part of the safety strategy. DAC Limited believe that these installations will be the first and only units anywhere in the United Kingdom to be deployed in a ‘live’ situation and are pleased, once again, to be at the forefront of design and development.

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DAC enter 3rd dimension

DAC Limited are utilising the latest printing techniques to aid their development. The manufacturing of prototypes is a costly and time consuming process, however with modern 3D design techniques and the availability of 3D printing DAC have successfully produced a number of component models.

"We are always looking at ways to improve our products and manufacturing processes," says Michal Mroz, DAC's Production Manager, "and 3D modelling is a vital aid when developing complex products." Encouraging innovation is part of the DAC way and adopting hi-tech solutions helps DAC continue to be a market leader.

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Network Rail Approved!

Following 5 years of development and three years of product acceptance trials DAC Ltd have finally received Network Rail approval [Certificate ref. PA/04133] for their standalone GSM/GSM-R Telephone.

Designed for use at User Worked Crossings (UWC’s), or any other area where infrastructure may be limited, the GSM/GSM-R Telephone provides a completely standalone telephone solution which can be quickly and easily installed. Traditional methods of providing telephone solutions at UWC’s have involved complicated cable routing, often from a private carrier such as BT, obviously this has proved extremely expensive and in some cases not economically viable.

The standalone GSM/GSM-R provides a quick and simple solution at a fraction of the cost. Commissioning is also straightforward with the facility of remote programming and monitoring via SMS text messaging.



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User Worked Crossing Telephone

DAC have conducted extensive trials with Network Rail in order to approve their GSM crossing telephone. Installed on Marlborough Road bridal crossing in Breaston, Derbyshire the telephone provides a direct link to the signalman for crossing users to obtain permission to safely cross.

The GSM crossing telephone is particularly advantageous to Network Rail as it provides a communication solution without the excessive costs associated with the provision of network infrastructure.

Operating wirelessly over the GSM or GSM-R network and powered by batteries charged via a solar panel the crossing telephone is an extremely cost effective solution. Easily deployed, installed and commissioned without the need for cables or power the GSM Crossing Telephone is a truly standalone device.

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Caravan static line

DAC have recently completed installation of their weatherproof GSM emergency telephone at one of the UK’s premier caravan parks. The multi-award winning Hackings Caravan Park is located in the heart of the picturesque Ribble Valley and is recognised as one of the regions most celebrated assets.

The provision of an emergency telephone is part of the park ’s licensing conditions and the DAC RA708-GSM telephone fulfils the requirements perfectly. ‘For many years we have been subsidising the provision of a payphone that is rarely, if ever, used,’ says Mr Linden Hacking, park owner manager, ‘and the cost of ownership seems to increase year on year. We have an obligation to provide an emergency telephone and the product offered by DAC offers a cost effective alternative.’ The DAC RA708 emergency telephone utilises the GSM mobile network to provide a method of contacting 999 in the unlikely event of an emergency. This is achieved without the necessity of renting expensive landlines or being tied to line rental contracts.

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Crossing the Rails in Wales

DAC have been working closely with Network Rail during the development of their stand alone GSM-R crossing telephone. Live trials have already started at Pensarn Crossing, which is on the western fringe of Snowdonia National Park, Wales.

This site was chosen by Network Rail as a trial installation for two very good reasons. Firstly the crossing is at the entrance to an Outdoor Pursuits Centre and a small harbour and therefore attracts a lot of traffic. Secondly the line, which is situated on the Cambrian Coast Railway, is equipped with a fully functioning GSM-R network.

The GSM-R telephone is easy to install and is designed to operate as a standalone unit. It can be shipped to the site and be ready to operate with the only requirement being the insertion of an appropriate network SIM card.

Once the trial is complete DAC are hoping to receive formal product acceptance from Network Rail and supply for installation nationwide.

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DAC Locked Up

DAC have combined their standard approved RA708-CB trackside telephone with a No1 BR lock to produce an Anti-Vandal signal post telephone.

Traditional solutions when installing telephones in areas where there are high instances of vandalism utilise a fabricated Anti-Vandal Housing. Whilst this is a perfectly acceptable solution, procurement and installation costs are obviously high. The approved DAC solution, PADS No. 087/000651, will fit on a standard PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) mounting post, resulting in reduced cost of procurement and a significantly lower cost of civil engineering and installation.

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Framework contract with URL

Unipart Rail Logistics Ltd and DAC have signed a framework agreement for the supply of Trackside telephones to Network Rail. DAC have their full range of analogue telephones approved for use by Network Rail, standard CB handset telephones, full keypad handset telephones and their complete range of hands free autodial telephones. All of which are supplied to meet the demanding fixed telecoms requirements of Network Rail. This contract award reflects the hard work carried out by DAC and their commitment to supply quality, rugged and reliable products to their customers.

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